Frequently Asked Questions

Mobiklinik is a mobile phone repair service that fixes your device at your convenience when you need it the most. We provide our customers with the fastest, most convenient and professional service by empowering our specialists to redefine and deliver best-in-class customer service and repair standards.

Of course! All our professional crews are highly trained personnel with our Service Trucks who meet the highest of safety standards set by the authorities. We always will have your safety as our priority.

You can get in touch with us via email at

While we would love to serve the entire West Malaysia; our initial services will take place in the Klang Valley. We are looking to expand our services nationwide soon.

How It Works

Book now at Tell us where, when and let us know what’s your phone issue. Our Customer Support Team is 24/7 to assist you on any enquiry.

Your phone remains where it is. Mobiklinik comes right to you and fix it on the spot. Just sit back and relax and we will do the rest.

A transportation charge starting from RM10 for route repair services, which includes service of all the phone(s) at your address. This cost may increase due to various factors among others amount and type of fuel purchased and the appointment slot.

Being nimble is our middle name. Our Service Trucks are custom built and agile enough to fit into the tightest spaces so that we can serve you wherever you may be.